Auto Transport Dallas to Chicago Enclosed

So you’re looking to ship a vehicle from Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL?? We can help with this, first, we’ll give you a few pointers. Most transports for this route will be on open trailers(not the trailer in the picture). The current rate as of the date of this page is 650.00(open) and 1150.00(enclosed).

Auto Transport Dallas to Chicago Enclosed is popular for exotic vehicles with ground clearance issues. The corvette in the picture could have been safely transported on an open trailer for less money and the same delivery time frame(3 days +-). SUVs and other large vehicles are shipped on open carriers because of their size. Most customers worry about rock chips, but as you know most new vehicles go to dealerships on open trailers. No need to worry about rock chips, enclosed shipping is mainly for ground clearance issues.

Thanks for reading our page “Auto Transport Dallas to Chicago Enclosed” we hope you have received the information needed to make a choice in an auto transport company. Listed below will be our recommended companies.

Recommended Auto Shippers

  • Dallas Auto Shipping | (469) 458-7003 –  Nationwide auto shipping at its best. All transports are door-to-door and 100% insured. NO UPFRONT DEPOSIT necessary and your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%!