Michigan Auto Shipping Routes

The Auto Shipping HUB’s auto shipping routes page for Michigan is filled with shipping information for different shipping routes throughout the United States.

Auto Shipping in the major cities of Michigan is up and down as far as costs go. Some times of the year its extremely expensive. With that said there are many trucks in the area at all times so pickups going to other major cities shouldn’t be a problem.  If your shipping to or from the west coast transport time should be less than a week. Shipping  to or from South Florida should be in the 3-4 day range. Price examples from our research runs around .40 to .50 per miles to or  from California depending on the time of year. Remember the colder it gets the better it is to ship north and the hotter it is the more you’ll save going south.

Recommended Auto Shippers

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Michigan is a U.S. state located in the Great Lakes Region of the United States of America. Michigan is known as the nation’s automotive capital and the auto industry has been a driving force in manufacturing growth. 24 percent of the national auto industry is located in Michigan between the Big Three and its suppliers. GM, Ford & Chrysler’s vehicles are assembled here so shipping is a major part of the culture of the working class residents. In 2008, Michigan manufactured $37 billion in exports, compared to $26 billion in 2003, a 42 percent increase. Small manufacturing companies are the backbone of Michigan’s communities and our state’s manufacturing industry. About 96 percent of manufacturing companies employ fewer than 500 employees and 68 percent employ fewer than 20 workers.


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