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Welcome to Auto Shipping HUB. We’re the United States local source for auto shipping information. At Auto Shipping HUB we believe in honesty, rapid response, and exceptional customer service. We are a business that prides itself on building customer relationships for future transports. Our professional transport specialists will answer all of your questions and inform you of changes as they happen. A large part of our business is from referrals and repeat customers. So if you’re looking for a safe, affordable and reliable way to transport your auto, boat or trailer look no further.

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Over the past few years we have built a strong bond with the best carriers. We have access to the most trusted auto carries in the country. All of our carriers are licensed and properly insured under the regulations of the DOT. Many auto shipping companies have long contracts and tie your hands with a deposit. If you prefer, you can pay your entire transport at delivery with no upfront deposit.

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With Auto Shipping HUB you have the option to ship your vehicle any way you want. Open transports are the most affordable way to ship your vehicle; however, they are not for every vehicle type. Open trailer transports can carry more vehicles, transport larger vehicles and they hold less insurance; therefore open carriers can charge less per vehicle. Fully enclosed trailers are commonly used for collector cars and show cars. Enclosed car carriers can’t carry as many vehicles but they offer more insurance. Enclosed trailers are less likely to have any damage caused by rocks or any flying objects. The enclosed transport usually costs about 50% more when compared to an open trailer.


For most people that have never shipped a vehicle before, the first thing they ask themselves is “I wonder what it costs to ship my vehicle?” And from that first question, you now find yourself here researching the cost and whether shipping your vehicle makes sense for you. We’re here to help you get answers to those questions as well as understand the car shipping process. Now for the tricky part, most customers don’t find our site first because we don’t advertise. We’re not a lead site, you’ve reached an actual auto shipping company. Most brokers don’t know the carrier side of the industry and that’s exactly how we started.

Now that you’ve found us, the next step is getting a free quote by clicking the “Free Quote” button above. All you need to do then is fill out the form you’ll receive one email back with a rate that’s all-inclusive. Meaning it’s the final amount you pay, with no added or hidden fees. Lets get started


Quoting is different for every route due to demand and the cost for the driver to do the route needed. For example, flat terrain is usually cheaper than going up and down in elevation. Constant changes in elevation and going up and down hills add wear and tear to vehicles, along with more fuel consumption. Once you’ve received and reviewed your quote you may decide that driving your vehicle yourself makes more sense, despite the wear and tear, each situation has its own unique set of circumstances.


Once you’ve decided to move forward with Auto Shipping HUB we’ll need some pertinent information and contact information for pickup and delivery. We’ll then start the process of locating a truck through our route tree system with qualified carriers/drivers that you can trust to make your experience great.

All orders are considered door to door but that’s not always the case. Many of our delivery trucks are 80 feet long and can’t navigate compact residential neighborhoods and streets. We generally recommend meeting in a large, public space parking lot to ensure that the loading and unloading of your vehicle goes smoothly, large Walmart or Home Depot parking lots are best.

To learn more about the various options for vehicle transportation and the carrier types that we offer visit our Auto Shipping Process and Customer Info pages. If you want to know more about the auto shipping process and what to expect, visit our informational page on how auto shipping works. There you will learn about the vehicle transportation industry and what to expect throughout your time working with us at Auto Shipping HUB.

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