Auto Transport from Houston, TX to Los Angeles, CA

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Moving to Los Angeles, CA? Well maybe this Houston, TX to Los Angeles, CA  route page will help. The Houston, TX area is a good area for auto transport pickups and deliveries. The traffic in Houston, TX is on the rise it currently ranks in the top 20 among America’s most jammed metropolitan areas. It only get worse when you hit Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles, CA is the leader when it comes to traffic in metropolitan areas. This means there are many trucks to choose from anytime of year. All pickups and deliveries should be door to door. The price should be consistent all year with cheaper rates usually from California to Texas but for a regular size car price should be around 750.00. Thanks for looking we hope you find the best broker/carrier for your move.

Houston, TX to Los Angeles, CA:

Houston, TX 77092 to Los Angeles, CA 90038 2007 Cadillac SRX 850.00$

Houston, TX 77043 to Los Angeles, CA 90004 2006 Honda CRV 800.00$

Houston, TX 77041 to Los Angeles, CA 90028 2001 Toyota Avalon 750.00$

Houston, TX 77028 to Los Angeles, CA 90062 2002 Volkswagen Jetta INOP 950.00$

Houston, TX 77016 to Los Angeles, CA 90018 2000 Toyota Camry 750.00$

Houston, TX 77038 to Los Angeles, CA 90067 2011 Jeep Wrangler 850.00$

Houston, TX 77060 to Los Angeles, CA 90046 2011 Audi Q7 950.00$

The average price for this route is 842.85$ and takes 3-5 days from pickup to delivery.


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Please take into consideration fuel, time frame, size of vehicle etc.. will make every shipment different therefor cost and time frame might change. Thanks Auto Shipping HUB