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In this section of the Auto Shipping HUB we will answer questions to common concerns when transporting your vehicle(s). Most of these questions are for first time auto shippers.

Q: How long does it take to ship my car?

A: Every move is different please visit our estimated timeline page for more info.

Q: What additional contents can I have in the car?

A: You’re not allowed to put anything in the car. Unfortunately, often times people put things in the trunk. No Broker or Carrier will be able to insure anything but the vehicle itself. Take a look at our page under “Can we put stuff in the car?” for more information.

Q: Can i get a copy of your insurance?

A: If your dealing with a Broker they should be able to provide insurance when they locate a truck for your move. If you found a carrier (hopefully using Auto Shipping HUB) insurance can be provided instantly.

Q: Can I drop my car of at your location?

A: There are two answers to this question. If you call a broker the answer will most likely be no. All brokers will offer door to door service so your home or business address would be the pickup/delivery location. If you call a local carrier the answer will most likely be yes because they keep their trucks in a yard. These yards are typically used for maintenance but they might be able to offer you storage of some kind. If you don’t get the answers you were hoping for from the broker/carrier, it is always helpful to use Google Maps to find a local towing company that offers storage.

Q: How much would a carrier charge for additional items in the vehicle?

A: It really depends on how much you add. Typically if you put some items in the trunk there will be no charge. If you put stuff on the seats below the window line as well as the trunk the charge might be 150.00+. If you completely pack the car they might not take it and or charge you 250.00+. Its really hard to say because every carrier is different. Our advice is to keep the car empty. Visit our page under “Can we put stuff in the car?” for more information.

Q: How long does it take to get from New Jersey to Los Angeles and can you confirm delivery on a specific day in LA?

A: As far as dates and times they are told to the broker from the driver. Brokers can only make a request. But 7 days is the average from Coast to Coast. Take a look at this helpful page for more info.

Q: What if my vehicle(s) get damaged?

A: All damage claims, regardless of whether it’s through a broker or carrier, will be handled by the carrier. Each carrier, depending on the size of the truck, has different insurance coverages. If you as the customer picks the right carrier/broker all damages should be covered.

Q: How does door to door delivery work?

A: It’s the only way auto shipping is done. When you place an order for auto shipping you give the transport company pickup and delivery addresses. These addresses go to the driver and then the driver sets his route. Most transports are done by trucks over 70 feet long so they might not get all the way to your house but they should get close.

Q: Can i pick my spot on the trailer?

A: You can make a request but the driver will arrange his load accordingly. The smaller vehicles usually go in the belly of the trailer and the larger vehicles on top/rear.

Q: Does a broker need insurance?

A: No. The broker will need to be bonded to contract a carrier and provide auto transport.

Q: How can I check to see if a broker or carrier is registered with the DOT?

A: Ask for the broker or carrier’s Motor Carrier number or docket number. Then visit the FMCSA for up to date info.

Q: Are all brokers the same?

A: No. Use the reviews on this site to pick the one that handles business your way. Pick a broker that will work to find you the best carrier. Pick a broker that has been in business a while and has a great reputation.

Q: Do all transports require a deposit?

A: No. Auto transports can be setup many different ways. If your a dealer you will want to do invoice with your broker or carrier. So if you have a broker or carrier who insists on having a deposit you might want to move on. Some companies do the deposit after pickup which is nice because it builds trust with the customer and the shipper.

Q: How long will it take to ship my car?

A: There are several factors which can effect how long it takes to ship a car. Things such as weather, traffic and any number of unforeseen occurrences can lengthen a shipment’s time table. Car transportation usually takes between two to ten days, while cross-country trips take between ten and fourteen days. That’s why we provide customers with a transportation quote from local companies to help cut down on travel time and cost.

Q: Should I choose an open or enclosed trailer?

A: When picking between these two it’s all about determining how much exposure you’re willing to risk. Open trailers are the most common method and the least expensive. Enclosed trailers are the more expensive option because less cars are being shipped at a time. They’re used for expensive vehicles, especially ones with expensive paint jobs. Closed trailers are also used for vehicles that don’t meet the measurement requirements of the standard open container haulers. Both are safe when transported correctly.

Q: How much does auto transport cost?

A: There are many factors that go into price for auto transport. If you know you need to ship a vehicle its best to fill out a quote form. If your like many and just want to get an idea of cost try our “free estimate auto shipping rates” page.

Q: What kind of time frame do you need to schedule a pick up?  I would be looking for a pick up between June 17th – June 19th. 

A: It should be fine but sometimes it takes longer to schedule with a driver. That quoted rate is basically when a driver has a spot open up we can fill it with your vehicle. If you need a direct rate from a carrier for pickup on those two days I can get you that also. Direct shipping rates from the carriers are usually higher.

Q: How long does it take to take to transport once the car has been picked up(Alpharetta, GA – Hillsborough, CA)?

A: Oh and its about 7-10 days from pickup to delivery for this route.

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