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We Put Stuff In The Car?

At the Auto Shipping HUB we are not a Broker or Carrier we just want our viewers and future auto shippers to be prepared.

When shipping most customers will ask “Can we put some stuff in the car?”. The answer will be “yes you can put up to 100lbs in the car”. This can’t be more untrue and I’ll explain. The person your asking most likely is a broker and he has no idea what the carrier will allow or wont allow. They say under 100lbs because its safe but in no way can they control what the carrier does. Extra charges can occur and or missing items. The Department of Transportation or DOT wont allow any items in the vehicle and nor the Broker or Carrier will insure any of these items.

After knowing that we will say most people do ship with items in the vehicle and never have a problem. If you are going to put items in the vehicle make sure you only use the trunk and make sure these items can’t move. Here are some things you should never ship no matter what. Anything valuable, electronics, anything breakable, anything that can damage your vehicle if it moves, Liquids… etc

Typically its safe to ship clothes, school items, or anything will little or no value. The best advice the Auto Shipping HUB will give you is to avoid putting items in the vehicle.